Brigid Hogan PhD

hoganProfessor and Chair, Department of Cell Biology

Duke University Medical Center
388 Nanaline Duke Bldg., Box 3709
Durham , NC 27710
Work: (919) 684-8085


Research in the Hogan lab is focused on the basic mechanisms underlying organogenesis and tissue regeneration, and how these processes involve stem and progenitor cells. We study the development, maintenance, and repair of the fore gut and lung, using the mouse as a model genetic organism. We are driven by both curiosity and by practical considerations. We believe that basic knowledge about the regulation of lung progenitor cell behavior, proliferation and differentiation will yield important insights into clinical problems. These include the inadequate development of the lungs of very low weight premature babies, the abnormal differentiation and remodeling of airways of patients with COPD, cystic fibrosis and chronic asthma, and the over-proliferation of matrix producing cells in lung fibrosis.


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