Philip Streeter PhD

Associate Professor

Oregon Stem Cell Center
Oregon Health & Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd./L321
Portland , OR 97239-3098
Work: (503) 494-1516


The long-term research goals of the Streeter laboratory are to contribute to the emerging fields of tissue engineering/repair and the development of tools for cancer diagnosis. Areas of research focus are beta cell replacement therapies for the treatment of diabetes, the identification of lung progenitor cell populations involved in lung repair, and in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

The Lung Repair and Development project focuses on the compelling need to generate cell-surface marker specific reagents useful for identification, study, and isolation of pulmonary stem/progenitor cells. The lung contains a large number of diverse cell types that produce and maintain lung structure and function. Our limited understanding of the complex cellular composition, anatomy, and function of this tissue has slowed the establishment of effective tissue regenerative (repair) and/or cell replacement (transplantation) therapies.

Dr. Streeter’s laboratory, in collaboration with the laboratory of Jeffrey Whitsett, M.D., at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, is generating and characterizing a panel of monoclonal antibodies targeting cell-surface markers on different subsets of pulmonary cells involved in the process of pulmonary tissue regeneration. Characterization of these novel reagents is being performed using multiple model systems of lung repair/regeneration.


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