Ross E. McKinney, Jr. MD

mckinneyDirector, Clinical and Translational Research Ethics, Law & Policy

Professor of Pediatrics

Director, Trent Center for Bioethics, Humanities, and Medical History

Work: (919) 668-9000


As a member of the core resources team, Dr. McKinney will be available to provide assistance and direction to the research sites in the areas of ethics. He will be readily accessible to the RCs through the core resources consultation page on the LRRC website and can provide real time assistance to the RCs as questions arise. In addition, Dr. McKinney will develop educational materials related to research ethics for the skills development core, an essential component of our trainee education plan.

Dr. McKinney is a pediatric infectious diseases specialist who has pursued research in X-linked agammaglobulinemia and pediatric HIV infection. In 2002, he was appointed Vice Dean for Research for the Duke University School of Medicine, and served until 2007, when he became the Director of the Trent Center for Bioethics, Humanities & History of Medicine. He is currently the chair elect of the Clinical Research Ethics Key Function Committee in the NIH’s CTSA Network and is an expert in issues related to research ethics, particularly conflict of interest and informed consent, and has taught research ethics in several semester-long courses at Duke directed toward graduate students. He is the chair of the Steering Committee for the Forum on Conflict of Interest in Academe for the American Association of Medical Colleges. He directs the CRTP course Responsible Conduct of Research, a required course for the MHS degree that explores a variety of ethical and related issues that arise in the conduct of medical research including ethics of human subjects research, research design, confidentiality, diversity in medical research, international research, relationships with industry, publication and authorship, conflict of interest, scientific integrity and misconduct, intellectual property and technology transfer. Because knowledge of these issues is critical to the next generation of researchers in lung regeneration and repair, Dr. McKinney represents an important and highly valuable component of our ACC team.


Administrative Coordinating Center
Co-Investigator, Core Resources Team